co2-climate-change-01ClimateChange is a heavy challenge for the countries and people of the global South. Africa produces only 3% of greenhouse gases but is suffering on their dramatic effects.
The latest years we saw some Climate summits failing and what remains is the awful dealing with climate-certificates – the Kyoto-Protocol implemeted this as a market-conform way of protecting the climate.

Now the ClimateCertificates are a Billion-Dollar business bargaining with the woods, the fields, the agriculture resources of the South. In Uganda we have several points of such deals. I will document this here and in section linkLANDGRABBING.

Another actual case (not related to climate issues) is the german link»Neumann-Kaffee-Gruppe« with the 2400 ha-plantage north of Mubende called »Kaweri«.

Climate Change in UGANDA

In 2008 the british NGO OXFAM published a report on CLIMATE CHANGE and his impacts in Uganda titled: „Turning up the heat“. This is a very impressing document concerning how deep every-day-life is affected.The video shows an overview in compact animated form what the problems are (german language – my own translation. The title of the source-document shown in video is wrong.)

OXFAM: TURNING UP THE HEAT – Climate Change and Poverty in Uganda – 2008 (30 S.) PDF

Ein weiterer Report beschäftigt sich mit Kaffee und Klima im Westen an der Grenze zum Kongo: OXFAM: Impact of Climate Change on Coffee in Uganda PDF

open-close: Summary OXFAM: »Climate Change and Poverty in Uganda -  Coffee«

If  player above is not working go here to VIMEO-video… video


English Version: OXFAM-Report TURNING UP THE HEAT – 2008 – Animated Video of summary content



Mount-Elgon ClimateChange-Video

In 2013 I visited two times the Mount-Elgon Area and was guest of FAIRTRADE Coffee-Company GUMUTINDO. Once again in 2015 January. The video-summary of this research concerning ClimateChange you can see here: blog