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Slideshow: Mount-Elgon Ngoma Drummer Troupe Performing in SALEM Village and Mbale

VIDEO-Content: the Calabash-Dance – Profile of the groupe – Member Interviews – 34 min

In November 2013 I visited  Ngoma-Troupe in Mbale and recorded about 2 hours of their performance.
First time I met them at SALEM-Village in May/June 2013,when they accompanied the farewell-evening of our visitors-group. I admire how they capture the different regions and traditions in Uganda.
It ist not just »african music« in a simple touristic way. At the same time the project is an educational challenge and the members  get music-and social skills.
Not at least they can finance their schooling and other ambitions.
The members are mostly orphans or have difficult familiar backgrounds. See the video and enjoy!

Direct Link to video-file if player dont work properly video